Luna Raccoon: a children’s story for iPad

Luna Raccoon Cover_2048Luna Raccoon: Narrated, multitouch, playful and fun. A children’s book for iPad by David Wilson, Luna Raccoon is a story of Friendship, Imagination and Adventure for the pre-reader to early reader.

Luna Raccoon models good citizenship in a positive story about three young friends, Luna Raccoon, Atticus Rabbit, and Mouse. In Luna Raccoon, it’s cool to be kind, fun to wonder and think, and a matter of course that one would believe in oneself and trust one’s friends. Through the silliness of young friends and the excitement of a little adventure, Luna Raccoon reinforces the valuable human qualities of friendship and trust, belief in oneself, creativity and imagination.

Multitouch Illustrations and Narration:  Actor/Narrator Ray Porter brings to life the voices of Luna Raccoon, Atty, and Mouse through his lovely characterizations for each of the three friends in his twenty-five minutes of narration. Artist Christiane Gozashti’s beautiful watercolor paintings adorn the pages, and virtually every image can be enlarged to fill the screen.

Lori Gracey, Executive Director for Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) says of Luna Raccoon, “It is an excellent story and I have included it in our TCEA Recommended iPad App List under the Interactive Books category for grades 3-5. Thank you for making such a fantastic, child-centered app and for bringing it to my attention!”

Kylah Rush, 6th Grade Teacher, says, “Luna Raccoon is a heartwarming story of three friends who help one another through things that seem big to a child and unnoticeable to an adult. Though these characters are all very different, they all worry and wonder about things a young child worries and wonders about. Their friendship is the kind of homey, down-to-earth friendship we all depend on. Together, they experience each other’s hopes and dreams and solve problems along the way. Luna Raccoon will make big people remember their childhoods and leave little people wanting to learn more about their good friends, Luna, Atty and Mouse.”

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